Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lola.Beauty - H&M Nail Polish Review!!

Hey guys!
This is an H&M Nail Polish review. As you all know H&M has recently introduced everything from nail polishes to make-up to even brushes. And I personally went and bought almost half of their stuff because I love H&M! And so I thought I'd let you all know how I liked their products and give you a quick review. My first post will be about their Nail Polishes.
First of all they have a very wide range of colors, from bright summer colors to deep winter colors. They also have many different sizes, they have the big ones (9 ml) and they also have the smaller ones (3.2-5 ml) that usually come as part of a 3 pack kit. So they give you a variety to choose from which I like.
As for their consistency, they are very flowable, you only need one coat and you are good to go, specially the darker toned ones. And they don't chip as easily so its safe to say the are pretty long wearing.
The brushes are also they great, very easy to apply. They also come off quiet easily without staining your nails which I found to be a problem with other brands.
The price is very reasonable and affordable. The big ones I believe are 29 SR (which is about 59 LE and almost 5 $). actually most of the ones I got were on sale or part of the buy 1 get 1 offer. so I end up getting them for like 2-10 SR.
One last thing, they label them with the best names! very cute!!
So these are some of the ones I have, tried to post a variety of polishes
 This "MIDNIGHT PASSION" is one of my favorites. Has a very deep burgundy tone. The brush on this one is one of the best.
 This one is kind of a metallic shimmery silver one. It's called "PLAY IT"
This is a very bright orange one called "CHICA BOOM BOOM". I think i'll be wearing this all summer long.
Over here we have a coral shade "PLAY IT CORAL" and a light mint green shade "GO GREEN". The coral one is one of my favorites, I'll also be rocking this one for summer! the mint one is more of a subtle tone.
Those ones actually came as a set, the "COPPER and the "GOLD GLITTER". I usually use these when I want to dress it up a little. The copper has a shimmer to it.
Another one of my favs. The "DARK HOT RED", and as the name implies its pretty dark and hot! I love the shade of this one, its like a deep lavish red! Very fun and chic and compliments your hands a lot!
I Hope you guys liked this review. Let me know what you want to see next. Please keep following and keep supporting.
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